Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tummy Chronicles: Diner Deluxe

Overall Restaurant Rating: ★★☆ ☆☆ /★★★★★
I heard so many great things about this breakfast joint, and I was a greatly disappointed. We waited a little over 45 minutes like any other high demand little breakfast stops, but I really can’t say this one was worth the wait. The diner itself looks like you are eating in a kitchen from back in the day, which would usually tickle my fancy, but I just wasn’t feeling it. However it is connected to the Urban Bakery which makes all the bread for the dishes which is the best breakfast toast ever! And that was probably the best part of my experience. I ate all my toast and that usually never ever happens.

Smoked Salmon Benedict
☆☆ /★★★★★ I don’t think I fancy the mixture of fish and eggs.
Pulled Pork Hash ★★☆
☆☆ /★★★★★ Too much Dijon, it made the pulled pork overly sour tasting mixed with the sourish taste of poached eggs..equals  way way too sour.  Super yummy hashbrowns though, they used Yukon gold potatoes
which are delicious the same potatoes used at The Big Cheese the poutinary. Something unique about the hash it’s a mixture of your regular potatoes and sweet potatoes pleasant surprise.

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  1. Well written review. Did you not like your Salmon Eggs Benedict because of the combination of eggs & fish, or was it not as good as other Salmon Eggs Benedicts you have had in the past. I am pretty certain DD didn't invent that particular dish as I have seen it on every brunch menu of my life. Maybe you should have ordered something else? My son loves the pancakes and I always get the Meatloaf hash. Its pretty darn good

    1. Thank you! =)
      Yeah, I don't think I am particularly fond of eggs and fish, I had it once at the other cute little diner close by, Over Easy and even then I didn’t enjoy it..But this time around my boyfriend ordered it, and I was like what the hey, I’ll take a bite out of it..and still, I don’t like it. That Meatloaf Hash sounds delicious though! Mmm. I am definitely not opposed to giving it another try. But hands down favourite breakfast joint is, 1886! Best eggs I’ve ever had in my life!

      Have a fabulous evening daddynobucks!

      - ohsotedious